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Trading the stock market is one of the most risky yet rewarding professions on planet earth. As always with great risk comes great reward so understand your consequences completely.


By making a trading plan, continuing education, and just a little bit of motivation you can overcome these obstacles and succeed down the path of Wall Street.

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1:1 Coaching

Learn fundamental and technical analysis, price action, trade execution, stop placement, risk management, dollar cost averaging, trading plan development, and long term investing


Supply and demand charting masterclass coming soon!

1:1 Coaching
Experience Matters

Learning to trade the market is something that is done over years of practice and patience. Although frustrating at times, with patience, motivation and continuing education we develop a strategy and mindset that consistently makes money in a bull or bear market.

Wealth is measured in time

With over 10 years of investing and trading experience mastering different asset classes including stocks, options, futures and forex each session is tailored to your level of experience. For $65 each individual session last for 1 hour and, introducing one friend who books a 1 on 1 session earns you a free session.

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